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Whether a student beginning tertiary education, a professional re-entering the sector to boost knowledge and know-how, or a specialist seeking to make the leap to the global market, KTG Education Group and its constituent colleges and universities are the ideal jumping off point to a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Part of the KTG conglomerate, which has significant holdings in fields as diverse as engineering, property and cultural development, KTG Education Group aligns itself with the group’s ambitious mission to forge a holistic cultural economy that will contribute positively towards education, arts and culture, while enhancing the international reputation of Malaysia and its people.

In line with this philosophy, KTG takes an approach to education that places emphasis on learning and personal development as an ongoing and universal process, and not one confined to the classroom, textbook or lecture hall. At our institutions, students learn within a nurturing and accepting environment cultivated by teachers who care for their personal and academic development, and live in inclusive campuses where they can pursue their interests in a diverse and international setting.

Our goal is to be a spark in our students’ lives – enabling them to find their purpose, giving them the tools to strengthen their skills and the inspiration to make their dreams a reality – all within a setting that helps them appreciate the very best that tertiary education has to offer.

At KTG Education Group, the journey of life is only just beginning.


KTG Education Group aims to be recognized as a leader and trailblazer in Malaysian education; as an organization whose continual innovation raises the bar for the education industry in the country. In doing so, we focus on creating world-ready graduates who are:


Respectful of other cultures, traditions and viewpoints


Resourcefulness by possessing the necessary professional and life skills to adapt to an ever-changing job environment


Courageous and curious to grasp opportunities and take advantage of their talent, no matter where they are.

We will achieve this goal by creating an environment for personal and academic growth that encourages students to get the greatest value possible from their tertiary education.


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