Student Services


Orientation is a fun and informative program conducted for new students providing them with the essential information which will benefit them throughout their study in KTG.

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KTG Education Group Alumni Division is set to provide a communication link between the college and its alumni. The division strives to keep all the ex-students informed about the happenings and continued development of the Institute.

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Graduate Placement

The Graduate Placement unit assists participating corporations to identify suitable jobs and training opportunities for our undergraduates and graduates. It also organises workshops fir graduating students to learn the finer points of preparing resumes, attending job interviews and selecting jobs and careers.

Counselling: Career Guidance

No matter the issue- whether concerning emotional health, stress, studies, time management, relationships or any other problem- our experienced guidance counsellors are here to help.

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Academic supports

Mentor/Mentee programmes

During their time on campus, all students are paired with a mentor who is responsible for guiding their personal and academic development. As an experienced member of the academic staff, mentors provide students solid counsel on how to overcome the challenges of university and can arrange for extra tutorial and academic counselling sessions, if required.

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