Career Workshops

KTG Education Group Alumni

KTG Education Group Alumni Division is set to provide a communication link between the college and its alumni. The division strives to keep all the ex-students informed about the happenings and continued development of the Institute.

We strive to ensure that the graduating students are well equipped and prepared to be in the job market constantly informing them on current job opportunities. The Alumni Division in KTG works closely with the Counselling Centre in arranging for career guidance on preparation for job market, including career planning and career skills enhancement.

College to Career Workshop

The Alumni Division and the Counselling Centre jointly organize Career related workshop for the students. The aim of the workshop is to prepare the students for the job market once they complete their education. The areas covered during the workshops are;

  • How to write a cover letter
  • Basic Do’s and Don’ts when writing a resume
  • Resume writing
  • Preparing the interview kit
  • Interview Dress Code Ethics
  • Most common job interview question
  • After the interview – tips

Career Workshops Schedule

Year of 2016

Date Workshop
02-Mar-16 Getting From College to Career – Part 1/Session 1
03-Mar-16 Getting From College to Career – Part 1/Session 2
04-Mar-16 Getting From College to Career – Part 1/Session 3
14-Jul-16 Resume Writing and Interview Tips Clinic
18-Nov-16 Preparing Your Gear for Your Career

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