Counselling Services

Counselors offer personal, educational and career counseling individually or in groups. Among the areas focused are:

  • Adapting to college / university life
  • Handling issues of daily life including the emotional and financial stress
  • Development of character and personality
  • How to communicate and socialize effectively
  • Study skills and techniques
  • Time Management
  • Exam Strategies
  • Career Guidance
  • Sources and treatment of emotional stress
  • Improvement of academic performance.

Counseling hours are:

8.00am – 5.30pm (Monday-Friday)

Students who receive counseling are divided into three categories.

  • For those who voluntarily come for counseling, either as reflection session or complaint or as a preventive measure.
  • For those who are referred by lecturer or mentors to attend counseling session.
  • For serious cases referred to by the Head of Hostel or Head of Security, parents, family members or referred by Disciplinary Board.

There are three types of counseling session that can be conducted:

  • Individual Counseling:

To enables students to develop the skills necessary for positive personal change. Together with the counselor, students address issues which are interfering with their success in college and life. Such issues might include self-confidence, anxiety and stress management, health concerns, relationship difficulties, and alcohol and drug problems. Students and counselor would explore new, more effective ways of dealing with life; learn how to implement more successful coping strategies and how to resolve personal difficulties.

  • Group Counseling:

Group counseling is conducted by 1 or 2 trained counselor(s). Group members get to give feedback to each other by expressing their own feelings about what others says and does. This interaction gives group members an opportunity to try out new behaviors and to learn more about the ways they interact with others. The topic of discussion will be focus more on college skills, coping skills and interpersonal skills.

  • Educational Counseling

To address matters, often of an individual nature, which are related to academic progress. Such issues might include college adjustment, time management, learning styles, exam or public speaking anxiety, educational decision-making, conflicts in the classroom or with lecturer and withdrawal from courses.

Personal Development Seminars/Workshops

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Peer Tutoring Programme (PTP)

The Peer Tutoring Programme (PTP) is an important part of academic resources at KTG Education Group. A qualified undergraduate peer tutor may be available to any student who desires assistance to meet the demands of courses in which s/he is currently enrolled.

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