Why Us


The idea of the campus and its effect on education is central to our philosophy as an organization. To us, the campus encapsulates everything that is valuable about a good education: it is a place for learning, focus and motivation, but also for exchange, enablement and a true all-round education. It is the embodiment of the ‘true University experience’.

Each of our campuses are designed to promote the sharing of ideas across the student and staff population. Premises are laid out in an interconnected manner to stimulate cross-pollination of ideas and approaches while students of different backgrounds and fields of study are encouraged to mingle through an abundance of clubs and societies which focus on academic, cultural and social pursuits alike.

This open-plan approach is complemented by an emphasis on green design, providing our students a place of sanctuary and retreat where they can find true focus in their academic endeavours. Through creating pleasant spaces to live and study, we can execute our belief in a nurturing and inspiring education to its fullest.


Our Mantin campus is home to four of our educational institutions and is the headquarters of KTG’s educational arm. It accommodates up to 25,000 students in a well thought-out, spacious landscaped setting, and offers students a wide range of modern facilities for physical, academic and social education.

The campus is laid out in an open-plan manner to encourage the exchanging of ideas across subject groups, yet sophisticated learning facilities are available to students of all vocations including dedicated laboratories for nursing, engineering, architectural studios, computer laboratories, quantity surveying studios and art & design studios. The campus also houses a total of 15 lecture halls each accommodating 250 students, while a modern library is located at the heart of the campus, spread over 26,000 square metres, and also features an e-brary for students to access journals and publications not available in physical form.

Academic Support


Lecture Halls and Lecture Rooms

  • Lecture Halls, with a capacity of 250 students
  • 58 Lecture Rooms, with a capacity of 60 students
  • 15 Tutorial Rooms, with a capacity of 25 students

Lecture Halls and Lecture Rooms

  • 4 Examination Halls
  • 6 Examination Rooms

Computer Laboratories

19 Computer Laboratories, inclusive of:

  • 6 Programming Labs
  • 2 CISCO Labs
  • 2 Multimedia Labs
  • 5 Engineering Labs
  • 1 Graphic Lab
  • 1 iMac Lab
  • 1 Media Art Lab
  • 1 EE Master Lab

Electrical & Electronic Engineering Laboratories

11 Electrical & Electronic Engineering Laboratories, inclusive of:

  • Telecommunication Lab
  • PLC Lab
  • Power Electronic Lab
  • Control & Instrumentation Lab
  • Open Access Lab
  • Electrical Machine Lab
  • Micro Processor Lab
  • Electronic Engineering Lab 1
  • Electronic Engineering Lab 2
  • Electronic Engineering Lab 3
  • Electronic Engineering Lab 4

Architecture Studios

6 Architecture Studios, inclusive of:

  • Architecture Drafting Studio 1
  • Architecture Drafting Studio 2
  • Architecture Drafting Studio 3
  • Architecture Drafting Studio 4
  • Architecture Drafting Studio 5
  • Architecture Activity and Conference Room

English Language Laboratories

  • 2 English Laboratories

Internet Connections

  • Wi-Fi zones throughout the campus
  • Cable connection at Hostel Apartment


  • Library (26,000 sq.ft.)
  • E-Brary
  • 4 Discussion Rooms

Civil Engineering Laboratories

5 Civil Engineering Laboratories, inclusive of:

  • Geotechnical / Hydraulic (Open Channel)
  • Concrete Lab
  • Surveying Instrument Room
  • Highway and Traffic
  • Light Structure Lab

Quantity Surveying Studios

3 Quantity Surveying Studios, inclusive of:

  • Quantity Surveying Studio 1
  • Quantity Surveying Studio 2
  • Quantity Surveying Activity Room

Mechanical Engineering Laboratories

8 Mechanical Engineering Laboratories, inclusive of:

  • Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanical Engineering Lab
  • Materials Testing Lab
  • Applied Mechanics Lab
  • Mechanical Engineering Lab
  • Bench Fitting and Welding Workshop
  • Heat Transfer and Thermodynamic Lab
  • Machine Shop 1
  • CNC Shop

Arts and Design Studios

17 Arts and Design Studios, inclusive of:

  • Non Degree Vertical Studio 1
  • Non Degree Vertical Studio 2
  • Vertical Studio A
  • Vertical Studio B
  • Photography and Shooting Studio
  • Video Editing Room
  • Graphic Design PC Lab
  • MAC DTP Lab
  • 3D Design Studio
  • Model Making Workshop
  • Wood, Metal & Plastic Workshop
  • Technology Lab
  • Material Resources Centre/li>
  • Fashion Design Studio 1
  • Fashion Design Studio 2
  • Textiles Workshop
  • Printmaking Workshop

Nursing Laboratories

7 Nursing Laboratories, inclusive of:

  • Mock Ward 1
  • Mock Ward 2
  • Mock Ward 3
  • Skills Lab 1
  • Skills Lab 2
  • Coordinator Room
  • Community Health Centre

Other facilities and amenities

  • Thirteen gazebos
  • A man-made lake
  • Student lounges
  • Cafeteria (Lake view)
  • Grocery shops
  • Stationery shops
  • Laundrette
  • Recreational facilities
  • Surau & Prayer Room from Muslim students
  • Clinics (On-Campus)

A fleet of transportation vehicles comprising four 44-seater air-conditioned buses, vans and cars to cater for students’ transportation needs

Student Services

Student Support

In order to provide the highest standards in student welfare, a range of support services have been set up by the group to help students during their time in university.

In order to provide the highest standards in student welfare, a range of support services have been set up by the group to help students during their time in university. At the basic level, our counseling services are available to all students and are set up to address issues both emotional and academic. Whether the issue is emotional health, stress, study-related matters, time management or relationship-based, students can seek help from our experienced counsellors at any time.

Adding to this basic support is our active mentoring system, which assigns new students a mentor upon registration who takes an interest in overseeing his or her academic and personal development. Mentors are a member of the academic staff in the group and are always available to students to consult on any matter that is of concern.

On the academic side, our dedicated Graduate Placement Unit actively seeks to find job opportunities for students upon graduation, and leverages strong links with local employers to place graduates at jobs most suited to their degree and personal strengths. The department also organizes workshops for graduating students to learn the finer points of preparing resumes, attending job interviews and selecting the right career. While making the jump to university can be challenging for anyone, international students face particular challenges in acclimatizing to a new environment and culture.

To assist these students, our International Office seeks to lighten the burden by taking care of small essentials such as airport pick-ups and visa renewal, while offering international students regular counseling and managing the process of transiting from the initial English language proficiency course to placement in their course of study.

Just like all students, however, international students have access to a wide selection of student-run clubs and societies on campus. These clubs and societies span the full spectrum of subjects, with sports clubs, language clubs, cultural clubs and vocational clubs of all kinds offering the means for students to pursue existing passions or find new ones. Students can even form their own clubs if they can gather a group of ten or more members.


All students are guaranteed on-campus accommodation at one of our purpose built hostels. Each unit at these hostels comes complete with a bed, ceiling fan and wall fan, study table and chair, while wireless internet access is available campus wide. Students will have to organize their own bedding, crockery, cutlery and cooking apparatus, and a wide range of supplies and sundry shops are available in the vicinity to fulfill these needs.

All campus accommodation is located in close vicinity to a wide selection of food and beverage options. On-campus food courts serve a selection of Indian, Chinese and Malay food, while the lakeside cafeteria serves Arab and Western food in addition to local favourites. Additionally, grocery shops are within walking distance of the campus, enabling students easy access to daily supplies.
Each apartment block is supervised by a dedicated hostel executive and receives 24 hour security.

Health Care

Health care is a key priority for the university, and every precaution is taken to ensure that students receive the highest possible service standards.

On campus, a clinic managed by the university is located at B1 Block and is staffed by registered and trained nurses. Its main function is to diagnose and provide treatment for minor illnesses such as cough, flu or rashes. For more serious illnesses, arrangements can be made for students to be transported to nearby hospitals if necessary.

In addition to immediate medical services, in-house nurses also conduct regular health briefings. Also, collaboration with the local health ministry means other health-focused events are also held on a regular basis. These briefings include free health checks, blood donation events and HPV injections.

Access & Transportation

The Mantin campus is located near the North-South Expressway and is thus within easy reach of both KL and the southern regions of Malaysia. KL City Centre is approximately 1 hour away by car, while Seremban is a mere 20 minute drive from campus. For those who prefer to use public transportation, Batang Benar KTM station is only 5km from campus and provides easy and affordable access to Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Putrajaya, KLIA (for air connections) and KL Sentral (for nationwide rail connections).

During the weekends, free shuttle buses leave campus at regular intervals and bring students to Batang Benar station, Giant hypermarket and the Tesco hypermarket in nearby Nilai.